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We have created this column in order to help you clarifying some questions and facilitate the choice of the right window. We are sure you will find at least several answers to your questions. You will find below answers to some of the most frequently asked questions encountered in this field. If you don’t find them in here, please send us an email with your topic proposal for analysis. If it is interesting and we have an answer to that topic, it will be put in here.

The most frequently asked questions are the following:

1. What PVC profile chambers are?
2. Why condensation occurs and which is its relationship with thermo-insulating joinery?
3. What type of profile should I choose? According to which criteria or which are the features I should guide by?
4. What is the difference between white profile and colored profile or that of wood imitation?
5. What company should I choose and what should I pay attention to?
6. How important are chambers and profiles?
7. Can I assemble the products myself or not?

1. Air chambers are located both on the horizontal and vertical side of profiles. These chambers can be seen only in sections, i.e. inside the profiles. Chambers help both to water drainage and profile decompression, particularly the colored ones, i.e. they prevent their distortion. You can find in here or below an example of section.

The role of these chambers is to create a thermal bridge between the exterior and interior wall of the window. Namely, its heat or cold remains at the exterior wall level without being transmitted to interior. Thus, thermal bridge is realized and a thermal insulation superior to classic wood profiles or aluminum profiles is created. Aluminum profile can also have a thermal bridge as you can see in images in the column Aluminium joinery.