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Aluminum joinery

Aluminum joinery from Ermetica Fenster. Our aluminum products for any type of construction and design are presented below. As you can see below, we manufacture windows, doors and curtain walls. We use Greek materials with tradition in our country and worldwide, as Alumil or Profilco, but we are willing to use other materials for designs where certain materials are required. Our specialized team in the manufacture and installation of curtain walls, façades and other complex works has more than 14 years experience in this field. Our works are appreciated because of our attention to every detail regarding the execution and installation of aluminum joinery, which requires many experience and sobriety.

  • cum arata un perete cortina

    The systems for curtain walls are divided in several categories according to every project and construction requirements. They are wind-resistance and air-resistance complex systems and they are present and used for large areas which require glazing, i.e. most for office buildings for natural...

  • Ferestre de Aluminiu cu Barieră Termică Timisoara

    Aluminum windows and doors with thermal barrier systems and profiles, for exterior windows and doors or without thermal barrier which are used for interior.

    Different windows, doors and other types of joinery sets can be built up with these types of profiles. Systems are very different as...

  • Uşă culisantă Aluminiu

    Aluminum sliding doors with or without thermal barrier, for exterior or interior. They are a modern and very useful variant for saving space. Sliding doors can be manufactured with simple rail, and then, movable part is moving on a wall where fixed casement is installed, or double rail, and then...