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PVC and aluminum roller blinds

PVC and aluminum roller blinds in Timişoara by Ermetica Fenster. You can find below the highest quality PVC and aluminum roller blinds. PVC roller blinds have simple plastic lamellae, while Aluminum roller blinds are filled with polyurethane foam. They are a perfect variant both for reinforcing house security and comfort during winter and summer, and for obtaining maximum shade, without the heating of the window glass during summer.

  • Rulouri din Aluminiu

    Superimposed or installed, aluminum roller blinds represent a highest quality product used not only as shade system, but for the protection of the home against bad weather, as well as against burglaries. Equally, they ensure a high thermal insulation; aluminum lamellae are injected with...

  • Rulouri PVC Timişoara la preţuri mici

    Installed with PVC lamellae, they are perfect for shading spaces where you live and even for offering certain security against burglaries. We can also install locks inwards in order to keep them locked when they are drawn down. Their operation can be manual and they are very easy to operate...