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Economical double-glazed window with 4 chambers of 60mm

Termopan 4 camere Timisoara

Window with 4 insulating chambers, class A, modern system with straight edges, construction width of 60 mm, replaceable gaskets and very resistant in time. It is perfect both for flats and homes with a smaller budget. Steel casements of 1,5mm-2mm thickness are used for window reinforcement and increase of resistance in time.

Window available for the same price with Low-e or 4 Seasons double pane glass and 2 layers of glass, for a very good thermal insulation which reduces the thermal energy consumption and ensures a sun reflection of 20% compared to normal double pane glass, if 4 Seasons glass is used. Burglar-proof patch fitting for an additional security and partial ventilation system are included.

It meets any requirement regarding thermal and sound insulation because of original gaskets. It is available in different variants of shapes and colors or wood imitation.

The price for a double hung window of 1450 x 1200 with 1 fixed window sash + 1 tilt and turn movable window sash, starts at 108 euros, MACO patch fitting, 4 Seasons glass.