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REHAU window with 5 air chambers (70mm)

Rehau cu 5 camere prin ermetica fenster, termopane timisoara

REHAU window with 5 air chambers is available in various shapes and systems. Euro 70 window system has the width of 70 mm, with straight or rounded edges, and round or straight movable part according to your preferences. It is the most frequently used window, being desired by most customers because of its modern classic aspect, moderate price and material superior quality.

It can be ordered with classic black gaskets or modern grey gaskets. It is also preferred by most customers because of its variety of colors of wood imitation it has. It can also be colored in any RAL color.   

The 5-chamber Brilliant system has the frame width of 70 mm or 80 mm, solid and very resistant, class A profiles. It has also maximum protection through the installation of some aluminum caps which protect effectively the exterior profile. Aluminum caps can be painted in any RAL-type color. Profiles are ecological, thus they can be recycled. They are used for homes, balconies, balcony doors, entrance doors, patios and a variety of other types of constructions which require superior thermal and sound insulations. Most customers choose this 5-chamber system, and it is the most appreciated profile, because of its very convenient price-quality relationship.

Construction width: 70 mm (optional: 80 mm with Brilliant Design) / contact gasket
Number of chambers: 5 chambers (6 chambers)
Thermal insulation: Uf= 1,3 W/m²K (Standard casement)
Thermal insulation: with thermal bridge casement: Uf= 1,2 W/m²K
Sound insulation: up to class 5 sound protection (VDI 2719)
Burglar protection: up to class 3 resistance (DIN V ENV 1627)
Air current/weather shower tightness: up to request group C (DIN 18055)
Construction solution of condensation-proof corners.
Steel casements of 1,5mm are used for window reinforcement and its long resistance 

The price for a double hung window of de 1450 x 1200 with 1 fixed window sash + 1 tilt and turn movable window sash, starts at 135 euros, MACO patch fitting, 4 Seasons glass, Grey gaskets.