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Special shade systems

Special shade systems installed outwards by Ermetica Fenster of Timişoara. They are manufactured from aluminum with special materials, as controllable window binds and fixed lamellae of protection against sunrays.  They are very elegant and of high quality in order to resist for a long time to their sunray exposure. You have below some products of this type with descriptions and features.

  • Parasolare din aluminiu Timisoara

    Aluminum sun shades are the newest and most modern shade systems, used generally for shading large areas. Because they are used generally for large areas, they are the most frequently used sun shades for institutions, buildings or homes with large glazing areas.

    Being manufactured from...

  • Jaluzele Exterioare Timisoara

    Aluminum exterior blinds are one of the most complex elements of the shading technique. They are used for shading hypermarkets, malls, offices, schools, hospitals, etc. For home shading, aluminum exterior blinds come into prominence as a special, elegant and very modern design element.