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REHAU Geneo window with 6 air chambers (86mm)

 Fereastra 6 camere termopan timisoara REHAU Geneo - 6 camere

It is the newest and safest version of thermal and sound insulation that can be realized with a window. We can say that this system could represent future regarding the choice of a window. We say future because GENEO window is part of ECO trend regarding energy consumption and material recycling. Using the adequate glass, i.e. triple pane glass, with package thickness of 44 mm, it is perfect for Economical passive houses, and it can be recycled-Ecologically.

For the best performance, the profile will have installed a thermal module similar to polystyrene in exterior chambers instead of casement.

Geneo is the most frequently used profile in countries as Germany and Austria. The median (middle) gasket makes that profile is a better thermal and sound insulator.

It is 40% lighter because it is a fully reinforced window profile system, it can also be used without an additional steel casement.

The efficiency of a Window using this system can also be observed according to profile specifications:

It has a width of 86 mm, 3 gaskets, median gasket, and it is equipped with 3 glasses (triple pane glass), 44 mm standard.      

Number of chambers: 6 chambers
Thermal insulation: Uf = up to 0,85 W/m²K
Energy saving: up to 76% (comparison basis: wood window / PVC with Uw =2,7 W/m²K)
Material: Fiber composite RAU-FIPRO®, co-extruded gasket,
Sound insulation: up to class 5 without reinforcement, Rw,P = 47 dB with window Rw = 50 dB
Burglar protection: up to class 3, up to class 2 without reinforcement

This type of window is perfect for passive houses, as well as for anyone who wants to save energy and to get maximum thermal and sound insulation from a window.

Besides excellent technical and physical properties, if you like to be brought up-to-date with what is new and not to worry about what innovations will occur, this is for you.

The price for a double hung window of de 1450 x 1200 with 1 fixed window sash + 1 tilt and turn movable window sash, starts at 195 euros, MACO patch fitting, 4 Seasons triple pane glass with ARGON, Grey gaskets.