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Window screens

Plase sau site anti-insecte

Window screens are an element or accessory of the joinery which must not be neglected. In all areas of our country, insects are present even after the attempt to exterminate them with different substances. Thus, our screens are safe and efficient, because of the fiber glass mesh with very small holes.

The entire screen is manufactured from aluminum, with plastic elements such as hinges, angle brackets or lever and sash jammer.

There are 3 types of screens according to window or door where they are installed, such as: 

Hinged screens - They can open and they are the most common because they are easy to maintain, they are resistant, and they can be disassembled by lifting them up from hinges, if window recess allows. They are available in white dark brown and golden oak tones.

Clip or semi-permanently fixed screens – They are used where conditions, in which window is installed, do not allow the opening of screens. They are also used for windows where roller blinds are installed.  They are available in white and dark brown tones.

Roll-type screens – Roll-type screens roll up and down. They can be installed directly in aluminum roller blinds or they can be manufactured separately for windows or balcony doors. They are used for large size windows or where no other type of screens can be installed. They are available in white and dark brown screens.

Special screens for doors – They are manufactured with larger and double profiles, and they have a cross brace in the middle that makes the frame stronger. This brace has also the role of a lever. They are of the highest quality and resistance.  They are available in white, dark brown and golden oak tones.

All screens are manufactured for a long service of life and if you operate them carefully, you can keep them for many years. Clip and hinged screens can be removed from the window in winter and they can be cleaned under the shower. The mesh can be replaced in case of damage or break.